Volunteerism is as American as Apple Pie - helping those less fortunate and those who want to better themselves through hard work and self education has to be encouraged and commended. Honorably discharged veterans have served our country and protected our freedoms and interests around the world, and some have paid the ultimate price. Of those who have come back, there are many who are able and willing to work hard and provide for themselves, their families and their community. Our goal is to ensure veterans get all the information and knowledge necessary.

Donate Yourself - your experience - your time

Experience is almost always more important than cash. Knowledge from 'doing' is extremely valuable. We are always looking for individuals who have the experience and knowhow to start, grow, manage and make a business successful. If you feel you are such an individual and have the valuable hands-on knowhow required to assist with any of our work please drop us a line here.


Learning in a classroom is great - and necessary - learning 'in the field' is invaluable!

In the field and remote opportunities available.

If you feel you are interested in our work and would like to learn by doing then please drop us a line here.

Cash & Project Specific Donations

We are introducing a very unique and specific method for you to make donations. PROJECT SPECIFIC DONATIONS are intended to allow you the benefactor to place your money where you feel they should be used. PROJECT SPECIFIC DONATIONS allow you to place 100% of your donation, regardless of how large or small to one project, spread it evenly across all projects, or pick several projects and spread the funds according to your wishes.

Please click here to make project based donations.

Real Estate Donations

We are looking for Real Estate properties of all sizes and types. As two of our three programs involve property, we are always in need of land, raw or developed, on or off grid.

Please click here to make a property donation.

Vehicles & Other Property Donations

Vehicle donations are always welcomed as long as the vehicle is in working condition.

Please click here to make a cash donation.