Saving the Earth

Support your local farm!

How do our projects work?

We teach veterans how to start and operate one or a combination of the business models, depending on their level of interest and physical capabilities.

Each project / model may be operated as an independent business or in combination with other projects / models.

We operate all model project ourselves and run them as independent business models all part of the same program. These are actual operating businesses. Thus we are able to teach and provide a real word hands on experience when a veteran is interested in starting a business. We don't lecture - we have them touch the business and once interested the veterans are immersed into the business model(s) in order to ensure competency and success.

All our models are designed to ensure a veteran is able to

  1. Start, manage, operate and when able to, grow a successful business

  2. Provide for themselves and their families

  3. Provide for the local community

  4. Work towards our common goal of making all attempts in saving our fragile planet

Livestock Business Models


Heritage Birds

Heritage Swine

Nursery Business Models



Fruits & Vegetables

Farm Related Business Models

Forest Management

Farm/Ranch Management

Fire Wood Sales

Lawn Maintenance Services