You don’t know what you don’t know until you learn what you didn’t know!

Understanding the social, economic, political, legal and financial landscapes and ramifications of your decision to exit active duty plus the potential business and personal implications and available avenues once that decision is made are sufficiently complex for anyone who has full intel on what is available and at what times. Making such decisions without being properly informed is asking for failure.

Counseling and Mentoring services are provided to active duty service men and women in order to assist with decisions regarding transition into civilian life or continue and grow within the military and what those paths may look like in the future.

Counseling and Mentoring services provided to veterans regarding potential health, education, financial, and business services available to qualified veterans.

  • Assessing and identifying ways to build or improve one’s self-development skills by fully understanding one’s goals and taking inventory of personal skills

  • Exploring potential future careers including a new skill or trade, providing tailored resources and counseling in the areas of interest

  • Creating a custom program including referrals that match the goals of the veteran and mentor veterans in acquiring the desired skills

Provide networks of local veterans and veteran organizations in order to help veterans integrate within their local communities.

Provide related government programs in order to understand the current landscape of all services and benefits potentially available.

Building partnerships in the target areas of interest for veterans, engage in fundraising activities and offer participation for veterans in these and other activities.

For example ...

Through the state's Hazlewood Act, originally approved in 1943, Texas promises its veterans or their survivors 150 free credit hours at any of the state's public universities or community colleges, once their federal benefits have been exhausted. And vets may transfer hours they don't use to their children.