Agri Entrepreneurship


Veterans becoming AGRI ENTREPRENEURS

Feeding the community and saving the planet in the process!

We are teaching veterans how to start and manage a farm or ranch business at whatever scale they feel comfortable by immersing those interested into a world of livestock, feed, health, and cost/benefit analysis. Veterans will be working through the many phases and levels of a farm/ranch and learning as they progress towards their goal, be that a five colony apiary or a 500 acre cattle ranch. They will learn the physical aspects and the business processes by doing the work and learning the business from hoof to bank.

We provide access to resources, personal training and support services for start-up beginning farmers and ranchers who promote regenerative agriculture and green practices. This activity furthers the organization's mission by:

  • Creating and enhancing biodiversity while providing food security;

  • Salvaging and re-purposing building materials for farming operations;

  • Combating food waste by offering alternative discardment options;

  • Providing forestry services such as planting trees and sustainably harvesting timber for supplying wood resources to the community;

  • Promoting heritage livestock breeds and maintaining genetic purity;

  • Assisting with building and maintaining an Apiary and the production of honey and byproducts;

  • Growing, raising and harvesting fish and aquatic plant life;

  • Using renewable sources of energy such as firewood, ethanol gas and solar energy for farm operations;

  • Promoting awareness of an agrarian lifestyle which would provide for the farmer and create an additional source of income;

  • Assisting in the creation and development of a food forest and green house on small acreage;

  • Developing and producing value-added products;

  • Providing educational opportunities in agriculture;

  • Providing entrepreneurial training and assisting with business management skills to operate any agricultural business; and

  • Offering partnership resources and customized training

The first location is in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains-a pastoral and mountainous themed property.

This activity was initiated in 2021 by identifying and designating the property, designing and building the livestock paddocks and structures, researching and budgeting for additional infrastructure including pole barn, tunnel, and lean-to for cows, research marketing channels, enroll/engage in farm business, animal husbandry and plant and tree growth education, and sourcing and raising of heritage pigs and chickens, research local waste and recycling processes and options, and alternative sources of energy for the farm. In 2022, we will continue the infrastructure build-out on the first property, market and advertise program, engage in fundraising, continue in farm business, animal husbandry and plant and tree growth education, research apprenticeships/seminar and programs on animal husbandry and nursery, plant trees, research energy renewable sources and waste management, form partnerships with local farms and retailers, and offer the program to members. In 2023, complete the infrastructure for the farm, continue farm operations and past offerings, implement energy renewable solutions, and waste management.

Non-Agricultural business assistance is available upon request.